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● What is easy Turkish Grammar?


easy Turkish Grammar is a self-study reference and practice book for learners who want to study Turkish for the first time but are not sure where to start. It teaches all the grammar and vocabulary they need for speaking and writing in Turkish. Not only does it explain the rules, it also shows how the language works and gives plenty of practice. It can also be used by lower-intermediate learners who would like to revise their knowledge of Turkish.


● Which Turkish does easy Turkish Grammar teach?


It teaches modern standard Turkish, the dialect you read in newspapers and hear on TV channels.


● How is easy Turkish Grammar organised?


The grammar

To help you have a feel for how the Turkish language works the book starts with a brief introduction about Turkish spelling, pronunciation, word order and parts of speech such as verbs, nouns and adjectives. After the introduction you will study 36 units presented in order of difficulty. The first 3 units, which deal with pronunciation, spelling, vowel harmony and consonant harmony, come with the online audio. You can download the audio file at the link given in the book. The audio is inside the book in e-book format.

Each unit covers one part of Turkish grammar explained by making references to English so that you can compare relevant areas of grammar. Areas where you may have difficulty have been treated with particular care and attention.

Each grammar topic is illustrated by plenty of real-life examples written by using the equivalents of 2000 core (basic) English words. And each and every example in the book is translated into English.

Besides grammar, easy Turkish Grammar teaches lots of everyday phrases and expressions so that it may also make a useful handbook for daily Turkish.


In the book some unique conventions are used for spelling, pronunciation and grammar in order to help with the learning process. Each set of suffixes in Turkish, which might be mind-boggling for speakers of European languages such as English, is highlighted with a different colour throughout the book so that you can easily spot the order and function of every suffix. You can find the colour-legend at the bottom of the pages.

The exercises

As practice makes perfect, the utmost care has been devoted to writing the exercises. At the end of the units you can find an extensive set of exercises. In the book there are 1433 exercises in total.


The appendices

There are 11 supplementary lessons.


The key

The key includes the answers to all the exercises in the book. Sample answers are also provided open-ended questions.


The index

The index is unique in that the entries include only titles in English so that you can compare relevant areas of grammar. For example, if you want to know how to say must or express obligation in Turkish, all you need to do is refer to these titles. Here you will find information not only about how to say must in Turkish but also how Turkish suffix for must is also used to mean should. Or if you want to add -ness to an adjective or -ship to a noun, you will be referred to the relevant page where you will find that Turkish only has the suffix -lik for both.

To view the sample text click here.

Here is some sample audio.

Turkish language grammar
Case suffixes in Turkish


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At Amazon US, if you buy the print edition (or purchased one in the past), you can buy the Kindle Edition for FREE. 

A good knowledge of suffixes in Turkish is essential to building effective vocabulary. Turkish Vocabulary Booster is a fast way to mastering the most common noun, adjective, verb and adverb forming Turkish suffixes, by which you can understand many words you see or hear for the first time and enjoy using them accurately. 

It also includes: 

●  a spelling and pronunciation guide with online audio 

●  a compilation of everyday expressions and pleasantries

●  a glossary of English-Turkish cognates

For now it is available in e-book format only, at Amazon e-stores.

You can preview the text here. The audio is almost the same as that of easy Turkish Grammar above.

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