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Common mistakes made by learners of Turkish

1 Use of the plural suffix

How would you tranlate 'several books' into Turkish? 'Birkaç kitap', or 'Birkaç kitaplar'?

We do not add the plural suffix to nouns after these words: birkaç (some, a few, several), çok (a lot of, many), az ([a] few) and hiç (any).

Look at these examples:

In the same way we do not pluralize nouns preceded by numbers:

2 Compound nouns

Why is the other one is incorrect?

We form these compounds simply putting two nouns together. We ALWAYS add the suffix -i (-ı, -ü, -u) to the second noun.

As in the last example, if the second noun ends in a vowel, the buffer letter s goes in between.

If, however, the second noun is su (water), the buffer letter y is used instead of s.

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