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The author sells his book easy Turkish Grammar with answers (and his other books) in e-book format only on Amazon and Google Play. If you didn't buy it or it wasn't bought for you, you are reading a stolen PDF. Please respect the author’s hard work (anyone who's written a one-page essay in school should appreciate this) and buy a licenced copy. If you don't think it's worth buying, please delete it from your device. Otherwise, you owe the author both in this world and the other. He can offer you a discount if you can't afford it.

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who's bought my book. I hope you find it useful.

Halit Demir, the author

   1 Spelling and pronunciation  16  

      Answer key  p 21

   2 Vowel harmony  22  

      Answer key  p 29

   3 Consonant harmony  26

      Answer key  p 29  

4-5 The plural and possessive suffixes  p 33

   6 Case suffixes  p 39

   7 Compound nouns  p 43

   8 There is  p 45

   9 Have got  p 47

 10 Personal pronouns and suffixes  p 51

 11 is an introductory unit (to ek-fiil) with no exercises.

 12 Ek-fiil simple present tense  p 57

 13 Ek-fiil -di past tense  p 59

 14 Ek-fiil -miş past tense  p 63

 15 Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns  p 65

 16 Comparative adjectives  p 67

 17 Superlative adjectives  p 69

 18 is an introductory unit (to the verb tenses) with no


 19 Present continuous tense  pp 75-7

 20 Simple present tense  pp 83-5

 21 -di past tense  pp 89-91

 22 -miş past tense  pp 93-5

 23 Future tense  pp 97-9

 24 Question words  pp 107-9

 25 Possessive, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns  p 113

 26 Imperatives  p 115

 27 Let me and let’s  p 117

 28 Expressing necessity, obligation and advice  p 119

 29 Expressing ability, possibility, permission and

      requests  pp 123-25

 30 Quantity words  pp 129

 31 Compounds with bir, her and hiç(bir)  p 131

 32 Adverbs  pp 137-9   

 33 Zero and first conditionals  p 141                                

 34 Postpositions  pp 145-7                                        

 35 Conjunctions  pp 153-5                                        

 36 Word order  pp 161-2                                           

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